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Alana Henderson

Writing, Consultancy and Training Service

Alana Henderson Pty Limited was established in 1990 and provides a comprehensive writing, consultancy and training service to individuals, businesses and government organisations. The uniqueness of the company is the personalised service, expertise in producing documents to suit individual needs and Alana’s extensive background in recruitment practices. This gives you a competitive edge, which is critical in today’s business and work environments.

As Managing Director, Alana Henderson brings experience from the public and private sectors and extensive knowledge of the recruitment market to clients from many walks of life: whether you’re starting out, moving around or starting over in your career or business.

The diversity of her experience combined with training in education and management enables her to work easily with people across all occupations, including school leavers, graduates, tradespersons, specialised workers, executives, high profile celebrities and ‘baby boomers’ returning to the workforce.

Alana works closely with you, so that your needs can be met through a friendly and collaborative partnership. This include services from original Resume/CV writing or editing of your own material through to interview training for individuals and groups. The major focus is to maintain your uniqueness and competitive edge in job seeking and career development.

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This is generally the first contact with your potential employer.

Alana’s vast experience in editing will ensure that your cover letter and/or selection criteria is written in accordance with the expectations of the employer.

We provide editing services in grammar, spelling, punctation, syntax and clarification of ideas.

We prepare the text for business profiles that many clients use for marketing their products and services from simple 1-page flyers through to comprehensive business summaries.

Letter writing can include short and succinct messages.

Two relevant handbooks are included in the ‘Anxiety-Free Interviews’ program or can be purchased separately.

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